Omega RPG


A modernized version of a classic roguelike


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Omega RPG is a traditional roguelike originally designed by the Laurence brothers at the end of the 80s. It's very similar to the classic games from the Rogue and Hack genre, where players explore dungeons full of monsters represented by ASCII symbols.

The interesting thing about Omega is that it follows in this style but is one of the first games to add a historical context and narrative to the main gameplay. Thus while playing Omega, you're free to wander around the huge city where the game takes place and even explore the bigger world where the city is set.

The powers and attributes you have at any given moment will give your character different abilities. For example, at the beginning of the adventure you can't enter the castle in the city because you're a nobody. But as you build up your reputation, you might be allowed inside.

This version of Omega has graphics based on tiles instead of the classic ASCII. But even with this aesthetic change, the game is still very, very hard.
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